Gutter Cleaning

Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect the outer skin of the property together with the foundations. Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage. Gutter systems should be ideally thoroughly cleaned twice a year. The GutterVac system revolutionizes the method in which gutters are cleaned.


gutter-cleaning-cameraFirstly a survey can be carried out using the Omni-Cam at heights up to 20 metres to establish the areas of guttering that require cleaning, a recording of the survey both before and after the clean may be made and replayed directly from the monitor to show interested parties or the survey recording can be imported onto a computer and a DVD burned. The DVD may then be passed to you and stored for future reference. The Omni-Cam survey will if you wish record other problems with the building structure that could not otherwise be seen without scaffolding or ladders for example missing roof tiles and pointing, loose brickwork etc.

The Gutter Vac is fast to setup and is supplied with both a commercial head and a domestic heads to allow the cleaning of different size gutters up to 16 metres high. The suction head is simply run along the length of the gutter to remove debris. To remove heavily impacted soilage, rooted saplings etc. it may be necessary to break up the debris into manageable sizes with a gutter spike.

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