North Wales Ultrasonic Tanks

We know working in a kitchen can be hectic. You don’t always have time to take care of cleaning the filters, your oven racks or burnt pots and pans. Grease and carbon build up making keeping a sparkling kitchen almost impossible! That’s why Spick ‘N’ Span Services now supply The Hey Groups Heysonic Ultrasonic Tanks. These tanks are handcrafted in industrial grade stainless steel, and range in size from 36L to 500L.

The Heysonic/1 100L tank provides commercial kitchens with a safe, yet efficient and extremely effective way to decarbonise kitchen canopies, filters and equipment such as oven racks, pots and pans. The Heysonic/1 revolutionises kitchen cleaning and makes keeping filters clean a breeze.

How does it work?

The high frequency ultrasonic wave vibrations create microscopic bubbles that implode violently causing the cavitation which creates an intense scrubbing action on the surface of the item being cleaned. The microscopic nature of the bubbles mean even the tiniest crevices will be cleaned thoroughly. Used in a wide variety of industries and applications almost any non-porous item that can normally be immersed in water can be cleaned with these units.

How does it compare to a decarboniser?

Decarbonisers have, for a long time, been the best option for carbon and grease cleaning. However, they have their downsides. Decarbonisers are expensive to run and so expensive to heat they are often left on day after day year round. The Heysonic/1 tank heats to a manageable 55 degrees in only a few hours, meaning there is no need to leave it for any longer than required. The 55 degrees also costs significantly less to reach than a decarbonisers 80-90 degrees. Even at this much lower temperature, ultrasonic cleaning provides amazing results.
The chemicals in a decarboniser are known for being corrosive and hard to dispose of after use, the Heysonic/1 on the other hand, uses chemicals that are completely safe. They are safe for your skin, safe to dispose of and safe for the environment. This reduces your companies carbon footprint and reduces risks to your staff.
Decarbonisers are known to take a long time to finish their cleaning cycles, bringing kitchens to a standstill. However the Heysonic can clean through thick grease and carbon buildup in just 1 hour, and smaller amounts of grease, such as is on baffled filters when regularly cleaned, can be cleaned in just 15 minutes.

They Heysonic/1 can improve the appearance and cleanliness of your kitchen, clean hard to reach areas, save on energy bills, provide a greener cleaning option to commercial kitchens, safeguard staff from chemical burns and save money on labour costs incurred with cleaning!

The Technical Bit:

The Heysonic/1 ultrasonic tank has been designed especially with commercial kitchens in mind, but can be further customised to suits each businesses needs. This means you can choose your tank size, between 36L and 500L, and customise the ultrasonic bath, ultrasonic power and frequency, depending on the objects to be cleaned.

The customised large ultrasonic bath comes with high quality, industrial grade, transducers and an independent ultrasonic generator. The heat and ultrasonic are separately controlled, allowing the Heysonic/1 to be more stable and easier to maintain. The independent ultrasonic generator offers a sweep frequency mode, which increases the cleaning power of the tank. The cleaning power can be manually adjusted by the user, from 5%-100%, to allow for cleaning of delicate items, right through to deep cleaning of hardened grease and carbon. All size’s of Heysonic tanks include a timer, which can be set from 1-9999 seconds. The tank can also be used in ‘manual mode’ which gives the user full control of cleaning time.




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