When it comes to hoovering up the dirt on your muddy carpets, we all know that its just the surface that has been cleaned. But did you know that it is recommend to have your carpets cleaned yearly, and it makes such a difference! It isn’t just about making them clean but they will smell lovely and in turn this makes a huge difference plus prolongs the life of your lovely floors. Your hoover alone can’t freshen your carpets and clean but a our deep carpet cleaning system will.

 Carpet cleaning.

Here at Spick ’N’ Span Services we use only the very best in technology to give you the best service and fantastic results…

Our truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning machine is more powerful than a portable machine and is also self contained. It uses its own power supply and water heater built within it,  so no extra costs to the customer. There is a 250 ft hose and pump attached to it which means we can stretch to those extra hard to reach places.

How it works…

The cleaning solution is place with our pump deep into the carpet with our machine which loosens grime and dirt this is then sucked up not only make the carpet clean but also makes it fresh and smelling lovely and dry to the touch. Whats more the photo below illustrates what would happen if your carpet is unprotected Spick n Span can protect your carpet with Scotch Guard shown the the photo below.

 red-wine-stain UNPROTECTED CARPET  Protected carpet 1

As members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) this confirms we achieve high standards. All our staff are fully trained and take examinations to be able to use our technology provide this service following a strict code of practice. Our carpet cleaning services caters for both commercial and domestic which can be added on to any cleaning service.before-after   before-after-carpet


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