We have all been there, sitting on the couch, relaxing watching some rubbish on TV and the house not looking it best when a text announces the impending arrival of visitors. You spring up off the sofa and look around at the house, not knowing where to start. But never fear, Spick ‘N’ Span Services has a 15 minute tidy up that will have your house looking ship shape for your visitors in no time at all.

The key to a super fast clean is delegation. It’s all hands on deck for the vital moments prior to an unexpected visit. Older children can run the vacuum over or put dishes away whilst younger children can run a duster over anything they can reach. Many hands make for light work!

The next key stage to an instant tidy is to hide the clutter. The quickest way to hide clutter is to grab an empty laundry basket, then walk through the rooms your guests will be seeing, grab anything out of place an put it in the basket- the stash the basket away in a cupboard or anywhere the guests won’t see it. You can always organise it later when the guests have left.

Dusting is key to making your house look clean, and the easiest way to collect dust is using a slightly damp microfiber cloth. The dust will cling to the cloth, leaving surfaces clean in no time at all. A little spray polish also makes a home smell lovely and clean with minimal effort.

In the kitchen, the dreaded clean up can be made easy with a few quick tips. Quickly put away any out of place items such as milk on the side or clean dishes on the drainer. Place any dirty dishes in the dishwasher, or quickly wash them up to get them out the way. Wipe down the surfaces and the hob with a scented spray and run the brush over the floor for any visible dust and crumbs. A top tip for getting your kitchen smelling super fresh is to put a sliced lemon or lime in water on the stove and let it simmer and release its citrusy scent into the whole house.

In the bathroom, using a microfiber cloth, wipe down the sink, bath and taps to get them looking clean and shiny and using disposable cleaning wipes quickly clean over the toilet. Spray some air fresher, open the shower curtain and place a clean hand towel out, take the rubbish out too!

Whilst you are waiting for the knock at the door, quickly tidy any shoes, coats or other items in the hallway and have a quick look around the home to ensure that everything is in order.

Oh, and pop the kettle on!

For those more intense cleans, or when you have prior notice of house guests and you want everything in order for their arrival, call Spick ‘N’ Span Services to find out more about or deep clean, upholstery and carpets service on 01753 614 200 or email us: enquiries@spicknspanservices.co.uk


Written by Charlotte Jones