What’s that… keep your eyes peeled because this week’s blog is about Awareness! There is that golden myth that humans only use 10% of their brain, this is not a proven fact and I have researched today to make sure. But it is however proven that we do miss things and even if we are aware of some, we do miss others!

So with this in mind and if you have time watch these videos. See if you can pass the awareness tests. No cheating!



Did you do it? Did you see everything? You can be honest with me I’d love to hear back from you all about what you did and didn’t see. I thought that I was really aware of things around me. But after watching these videos it made me notice certain things even more so.

But you can use this in everyday life too! Sometimes it is the small things that we miss but if you notice them you can make someone’s day all the more better. It’s could be something a small as saying hello to someone, a thank you for something you’ve been given or just asking someone how their day was. Washing up that cup that wasn’t yours….

On that note, I better wash up my cup from today.