Well another week and another blog and I wanted to have a cleaning theme this week but also something we can all relate to. So my research began, should I write about our services, or what the team has been doing this week, or maybe something about our plans for 2017. As always I am ever so keen to get ‘all the details’ written down! Then it happened the lightbulb in my head flashed on.


‘It’s all in the details’


For as long as I can remember I have alway live by this making sure I have all the details, no matter what it was for. A holiday, going to school or shopping trip I have worked in cleaning for a long time now and it must have been part of my life since a child my mother loved to clean every Saturday morning before our weekly shop and my job was the bathroom. Mum had a little box all ready for me and I loved it (sad, but true). But even then I would check I had everything I needed before starting. And then go over bathroom make sure it was done to a fine toothed comb. I would always polish up the taps and wipe the door, clean the glass and mirrors. Make sure it was all dry to finish off fresh towels placed out for the family and some linen spray (ohh lovely).


But it seems it has set me up for a life of ‘it’s all in the details’. the team here at Spick N Span the team are the same and it is so nice to be part of a team that really care.


They all notice little details that make the world of difference. Cobwebs dusted away. Glass cleaned of nose art from the pets. Bins wiped not just emptied.


It’s the same at head office on a Friday the team are washing the vans and making sure all the products and equipment are all ready for Monday morning.


So Thank you to the team for checking “all the details” and have a great weekend.


No little tips this week just pop your feet up and enjoy the weekend and I will have 2 cleaning tips next week instead.


Spick N Span Services!