At Spick ‘N’ Span Services we get asked questions every day about our services, and as happy as we are to answer them, we thought wouldn’t it be nice to put these answers somewhere where everyone can access them? So for the next few weeks, our blog will address these FAQ’s and hopefully answer any burning questions our customers may have! If you have any questions you would like to ask you can message us on Facebook with all your suggestions!

So here goes, question number 1 is:

“Why is pure water window cleaning better than traditional window cleaning? And what does water fed pole mean?”

This question is asked frequently by our customers, and you can understand why. For over a century window cleaners have been seen, with their ladders and rags, all over our country and around the world. It’s a tried and tested method, and people know what to expect, but does this mean it’s the best approach? The short answer is, no. Technology improves, and so does our approach to age-old problems, like dirty windows. We change our systems to increase efficiency, safety and improve results, all of which are done with a water fed pole system, utilising pure water.

Pure water is exactly what it sounds like! Water is fed through a triple filtration system and through special resins, removing sediment, toxins and minerals from the water. This is done through reverse osmosis and deionisation. Tap water is full of additives, like extra minerals and sediment, its fine to drink but when it comes to window cleaning it leaves streaks and blotches.

Cleaning with pure water means no harsh chemicals, which is better for the environment, and better for the customer! Chemicals can leave a residue on windows, that can leave them less than crystal clear, but all of this is avoided with pure water. Pure water acts like a magnet to dirt, drawing it to it allowing it to be easily wiped away and it consumes algae on contact. Pure water gives an unbeatable, smear free, finish.

So, what the water fed pole bit all about? Really simply put, it’s a long brush that can reach from 2 to 3 storeys, depending on the brush. Water is fed through a hose up into the brush and is then sprayed out from small openings on the brush head. This allows the windows to be cleaned safely from the ground, minimising chances of injury to the operative. The lack of ladder also means no damage to lawns, flower beds of the property itself from the ladder being against it and it means no one up a ladder eyeing up your unmade bed! This method allows us to clean more efficiently; reducing costs for the customer and allows us to clean the frames of windows at the same time as windows, for no additional cost! We can also use the water fed pole to clean conservatories, cladding gutters and fascias.

All in all this system has revolutionised how windows are cleaned and is becoming the new norm. Windows are cleaner than ever, completed quicker than ever and it’s all safer than ever. So we can’t complain!