We all know it, but we still do it ….. you just put your glass on the floor for a moment, and ……

red-wine-stain UNPROTECTED CARPET  This is what happens on an unprotected carpet.

A nice relaxed evening is suddenly spoiled!

At this stage, you need to act quickly.  Working from the outside, so you don’t allow the stain to spread, blot the area with something clean and absorbent.

Do not rub!  Try to dab the wine up with a sponge or kitchen paper to lift the wine out of the carpet.

At this stage professional cleaning may not be able to remove any remaining stains.

As members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association, Spick n Span would be able to assess the carpet and advise.


There is another way

Protected carpet 1 Wine spilt on a carpet which has been protected.

The photo above illustrates what would happen if your carpet had previously been cleaned and protected.

Spick n Span can protect your carpet with Scotch Guard making spilt wine less of something to cry about!


For more information about our carpet cleaning and protection services, telephone Spick n Span on 01758 614200