Noun: knowledge; plural noun: knowledges

Facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.


Knowledge is so important in life and business. Here at Spick N Span we like to think we have the cleaning knowledge. It was only last week that I cut a lemon in half and placed it in the microwave for 30 seconds removed it and wiped it clean and my partner was so impressed he even said “KNOWLEDGE”!  Yes is may be simple but one of many tricks we have picked up over the years of cleaning. I then just used some anti bacterial on it and hey presto one clean microwave in less then a minute!  They say when life give you lemons clean the microwave (well maybe not, but anyway).

We asked ourselves constantly do we…

  • Know what your customer wants
  • Know what your customer needs
  • Know how to for-fill your customers’ needs
  • Know how to do complete the task at hand
  • Know how to make sure it is done to the best of your ability

We hope and are sure the answer is YES!

Each year we make sure we are approved by Safe Contractor and our team are trained and up to date with the information to provide you with a large selection of cleaning services, it’s not just Safe Contractor either we are part of the FWC (Federation of Window Cleaners) NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) Our team were also trained on our Kitchen Duct and Extraction cleans by NDCA. (National Duct Cleaning Association) which cover our services,you can see our services just to the right on this blog.


We pride ourselves in having the knowledge to help our customers….

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Call our friendly office manager on 01758614200 if you wish to discuss any of our services.


SNSS Team.