At Spick ‘N’ Span Services we get asked questions every day about our services, and as happy as we are to answer them, we thought wouldn’t it be nice to put these answers somewhere where everyone can access them? So for the next few weeks, our blog will address these FAQ’s and hopefully answer any burning questions our customers may have! If you have any questions you would like to ask you can message us on Facebook with all your suggestions!

So here goes, question number 2 is:

“What is kitchen canopy, extraction and duct cleaning and why is it important?”

If you don’t own a commercial kitchen, you may be thinking, this is relevant to me! Well, that’s both true and false. Although not responsible for cleaning of a canopy, extraction and duct cleaning it’s important to know how an unclean duct system at any of the restaurants you visit can affect you.

If you do own a commercial kitchen that contains a canopy, extraction and duct system, then this is 100% relevant to you! Whether you own or run a restaurant, café, care home, day centre or any other establishment producing food, it is essential you get your kitchen extraction system cleaned regularly!


Greasy deposits are found in kitchens, it’s unavoidable when using fat to cook, but if unaddressed these deposits can become both a fire risk and a danger to health.

Your extraction system is used to reduce heat in the kitchen, remove steam and alleviate the build-up of grease. The filters within the canopy collect the large grease deposits, however, over time small grease particles pass through the filters and begin to build up on the inside of the ducting. The canopy and filters should be cleaned regularly by kitchen staff, to minimise fire risks, however, over time it is essential that a professional company clean the canopy, filters and ductwork to TR/19 standards.

Did you know that 70% of all commercial kitchen fires originate from faulty ventilation and ducting due to a build of up fat and grease?

Insurance companies can fail to ‘pay up’ after a fire if the kitchen extraction cleaning has not been completed to TR/19 standards and if no evidence of this can be produced. Along with insurance complications, a failure to clean to these set standards puts your business, your staff and your customers in danger.

In regards to environmental health and kitchen cleanliness, a clean kitchen extraction system is essential. Duct cleaning removes grease deposits and improves the efficiency of the system, this means that more particles and contaminants from within the kitchen are removed which improves overall kitchen cleanliness. When a system has been neglected for over a year grease deposits can begin to drip out from the system from the joins in the ductwork or from above the grease traps and other areas of the system. These grease deposits can carry bacteria and be potentially harmful to customer’s health as well as being unsightly and messy.

Kitchen canopy, extraction and duct cleaning need not be a hassle, after an initial clean from Spick ‘N’ Span Services each customer receives FREE 3-6 month system checks, depending on the amount of use the system has. These checks can ensure TR/19 standards are maintained and any concerns are raised as soon as they arise.

To find out more, or to arrange a free no obligation consultation, contact Spick ‘N’ Span Services today!